Quality of Life Medical Form

Complete the Quality of Life Medical Form

Complete Your Quality of Life Medical Form

We understand how difficult completing this form will be for you. Our hope is that it will allow us to be better prepared for the upcoming visit and ensure a smoother visit for you.

Thank-you for this information. To better prepare you for the upcoming visit, we want to share the following information.

Please bring anyone who wishes to say goodbye and be present for euthanasia to this visit. Masking is required for all, and anyone with symptoms of illness should NOT come this visit. We will do our best to accommodate all who wish to be present, but our space is sometimes limited by other services being provided.

The visit will begin with a complete physical examination and additional questions from our veterinarian. It is important that your pet’s primary caretaker be present or available via phone for these questions. This will lead to discussion of treatment options or how we can assist your pet cross the Rainbow Bridge. Not all treatment options are appropriate for all families, and we are not interested in pressuring you to choose treatment if euthanasia is also a reasonable choice. We simply wish to ensure you make an informed choice about a service we can not reverse.

If euthanasia is the best choice for your family, we will proceed to performing that service at this visit. Our veterinarian will describe the service from start to finish before beginning. You may take as long as you need to say goodbye before we begin and after the euthanasia is complete. We will have a variety of treats available for your pet if he or she wishes to eat.

Our team will guide you through the needed decision making and provide you with the costs associated with your options. We will complete all necessary paperwork and collect the fee before we proceed to the euthanasia.

You will be asked how you would like your pet’s aftercare handled. You can take your pet home for burial, but this is not an option many people feel comfortable doing. We can also offer cremation. If you would like your pet’s ashes returned to you, there is an additional cost for this private cremation. A company called Metro Pet Crematory handles this for us. They are incredibly gentle and respectful and have been in business for many years, we fully trust them with our patients. Once Metro Pet Crematory returns your pet’s ashes to us (about one week), our office will call to let you know so that you may come back and collect your angel. The fees associated with a private cremation include the service, a beautiful carved wooden urn box. You can purchase an urn upgrade as well, see the catalog here.

We encourage you to ask questions at any time through this process. We understand how difficult it is to lose a cherished family member, and we want you to be at peace with this decision.