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Ethical Responsibility

Russell Lake Animal Hospital is committed to animal welfare, the ethical treatment of animals and to strengthening the human-animal bond.

This page is dedicated to promoting these values and the projects dedicated to them.

The dignity project aims to showcase, in a dignified and loving way, the elderly canine as a long-time companion and family member. Often, it serves as the last recorded memoir of a cherished friend.

The Paw Project provides information on feline declawing in an effort to raise awareness to the long term pain and suffering, this seemingly minor surgery, causes.

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The Dignity Project

Started in April 2014, DIGNITY is a fine-art photo project on senior canines done in collaboration between photographer Robert MacLellan and ElderDog Canada.

The Paw Project

Declawing is more accurately described by the term de-knuckling and is not merely the removal of the claws, as the term “declawing” implies.