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Featuring Our Own Patients and Pets

To celebrate our patients and showcase our relationship with our clients, we chose to use our own patients and pets as models for our website. They may be young, adults, or seniors, but all have beauty and a unique personality. We chose to partner with Robert MacLellan for his rare ability to capture that uniqueness in each pet, for his loving and respectful treatment of each model and for understanding our vision and helping us see it through. A prior life in corporate finance & marketing isn’t a natural stepping stone to becoming a professional photographer, but some people make it work. Almost immediately upon turning his passion for photography into a profession, Rob’s team developed a reputation with commercial and private clients for their creative and innovative work ­ particularly in working with animals in often complex situations. As for that business background, it’s crafted them a unique reputation for ‘bringing more to the table’ for their commercial clients regarding creativity and understanding of the client’s environment.

“Far too often there’s little consideration and effort given to try to show what’s behind those furry/feathered eyes.

I look forward to the day when all photographers, professional or amateur, realize that as a sentient being that sits beside us on this rock, animals are due the same respect and consideration as human models.

They’re not toys or props with a pulse.”

– Robert MacLellan

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